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A Note From Our Summer Interns: Esther & Rina

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Our second week working as Interns at Faces In Between was amazing! We had the opportunity to meet with two SNACC team members: Lindsay Shedlin and Dara Giglio. Lindsay and Dara provided us with thoughtful advice about college, how to effectively network, their roles at SNACC, and how their passions led them to their current positions at SNACC as well as to their roles outside of SNACC. We both learned so much from each of them and hope to work with Lindsay and Dara more throughout the summer!

A message from Rina:

I loved helping manage social media posts and coming up with creative designs! I felt that I had a lot to learn, both from Esther and Lindsay, Dara & Danielle. Everyone at Faces In Between is so helpful and supportive, and I already feel like I’m making a difference in our community. I know that Danielle and the rest of her team are dedicated to ensuring that Esther and I have a wonderful and exciting summer with endless possibilities. It is only my third week at Faces In Between but I’ve already learned so much. I can see how invaluable the skill sets I’m developing at FIB are; I love coming into work every day and brainstorming new ideas with Esther. The two of us have great work chemistry and are getting so much done together! I truly am looking forward to an incredible summer where I will continue to create, learn, and grow!

A message from Esther:

Working at Faces in Between has been so fulfilling and educational. I loved being able to get to know some of the people who work with SNACC and brainstorming ideas for social media posts/blogs! I enjoyed being taught by Danielle who provides Rina and me with support and advice. She works hard to make sure we both learn and gain experience that will be very helpful to us in the future. I also enjoyed getting to know my coworker, Rina, a bit more this week. I feel that we work well together and are very productive. I look forward to a great summer helping out at Faces In Between and learning more about the organization!

Want to see more from our summer interns? Check out our Instagram posts and their biographies. Rina and Esther have been working hard to make meaningful contributions to the work we do. Although we are working remotely, this has not slowed Rina and Esther down one bit! We are so thrilled to have them join us this summer!

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