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Meet Rina (Summer 2020 Intern)


Rina Shamilov

What is your role at SNACC?

Summer Intern, Faces In Between

What is your background?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, though I commute to Queens every day for school. I turned 18 a couple of months ago and just recently graduated from Yeshiva University’s High School for Girls. I am an avid reader, enjoy writing poetry, going on long drives, and thinking. I am passionate about politics and hope to pursue a career in either law or political science/ literature.

Why are you passionate about helping others?

I’ve always had an affinity for helping people, whether that’s at school -- while helping my classmates prepare for tests, or bringing food to the seniors in my building on some Friday nights. I love seeing people’s reactions whenever my family or I do something kind for them. I like knowing that I can help put a smile on someone’s face.

What excites you most about your summer internship with Faces in Between?

I love being there for others, knowing that my work can impact lives motivates and inspires me to keep moving forward. Amid the recent calls for equity and justice, I see how important it is to stand up for marginalized and underrepresented individuals. At Faces In Between, we strive to do the same: we are using our voice, our resources, and passion to help those in need. I love doing whatever I can to help, and I am so excited to intern at FIB!

What is your favorite Quote?

“Write in the morning, revise in the afternoon, read at night, and spend the rest of your time exercising your diplomacy, stealth, and charm.”

Roberto Bolaño

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