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A Note from our Summer 2021 Interns

The following post was written by Alexa Berger, Sophie Berday, and Mana Nozawa.

As we wrap up our internship at SNACC by Faces In Between, the Summer 2021 Interns wanted to reflect on our experiences.

We think it’s a testament to the strength and effectiveness of the SNACC program that three young college girls who have never met before were able to come together (virtually!) and work cooperatively as summer interns for SNACC.

Before we knew it, the internship had already come to an end and the summer had flown by. We have learned so many valuable lessons and skills learned this summer. We have grown together by learning how to work well as a group and bonding over shared experiences. Looking back, we are extremely proud of our individual growth and collective accomplishments as a team.

A major highlight of this internship was our Give Back with SNACC fundraiser, which included a virtual live cooking class with family, friends, and supporters to Cook for a Cause with guest Chef Harold Villarosa. We exceeded our fundraising goal of $500 by raising a total of $733, which equates to 147 meals for the SNACC students! In the organization of this fundraiser, we had to go back to the drawing board several times to rework our ideas, which taught us a lot about using our creativity to think outside of the box. Although it took a lot of time and hard work to organize the fundraiser, it was definitely a success and we couldn’t be prouder!

SNACC is such a special program, led by such a special group of women. Throughout this internship, we were lucky enough to be supervised by Danielle, who taught us so many valuable lessons in personal and career development. Each day we looked forward to our morning meetings where we would gather to discuss the plan for the day and reflect on our accomplishments from the day before. We will definitely miss this tradition as we part ways for the summer, but we will take the lessons we have learned with us forever. Thank you to the SNACC team for this awesome opportunity!

A Note from Sophie:

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern at SNACC as the Business and Communication Intern. Being a Public Health major, I was thrilled to be able to work under the supervision of Danielle, and for a nonprofit organization as important as SNACC/FIB. Throughout all of the hard work that we did this summer as interns, I am most proud of our execution of the summer fundraising campaign. Between building the Givebutter platform, social media content, and external communications, I have been able to develop and refine skills that I know will stay with me throughout my career. Being able to present our ideas to the team and get feedback from them has also allowed me to diversify my perspectives and dive deeper into the problem-solving process that is imperative to my future in the public health field. I am so grateful for Danielle and the rest of the SNACC team for guiding us through this internship, and also to my fellow interns for helping me grow personally and professionally this summer. I know that the future is very bright for the SNACC program, and I can’t wait to see how it grows.

A Note from Alexa:

My summer internship experience at SNACC by Faces In Between is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I genuinely feel that this internship has exceeded my expectations, allowing me to be more than my intended role of the Social Media and Communications intern. I created lasting relationships with the team and my fellow interns and grew so much on both a personal and professional level. Through the guidance of Danielle, I was able to learn so much about how to be successful in the workforce. I now know how to trust myself and be confident about the work I conduct and the ideas that I have. Thank you so much to Danielle and the SNACC team for allowing me to intern and leave my mark on SNACC. I will take this experience and skills with me wherever I go. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing the continued growth and success of SNACC!

A Note from Mana:

As someone interested in pursuing consulting at an accounting firm, I would have never imagined interning at a non-profit like SNACC. I joined SNACC because I wanted to explore the non-profit industry and sharpen my professional skills while giving back to the community. As the business development intern, I had the opportunity to learn about the operational process behind a non-profit through writing grant applications, conducting partnership research, and attending team meetings. Planning the fundraiser’s timeline offered me insights on brainstorming and collaborating on a project while creating its creative content helped me discover my strengths in media design. Thank you to Danielle and the SNACC team for your guidance and for providing constructive feedback on our work while helping us with our professional development. Likewise, thank you to Alexa and Sophie for supporting me throughout this amazing opportunity - I am excited for the time that we all cross paths again!

From all of us:

Before we sign off for the summer, we wanted to say a final thank you to the SNACC team for supporting us through this internship. We hope that our work will have a lasting impact on the program. We can’t wait for the continued growth and success of SNACC.

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