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Empowering youth & families, one recipe at a time.


Empowering youth and their families with the knowledge and tools to nourish their bodies, enrich their minds, and foster community connections through hands-on food education.


SNACC envisions a world where all youth have the resources and tools to thrive.

SNACC is an in-school and after-school, food education program that promotes youth development and food education in underserved communities.


Our SNACC In-School program brings dynamic food education and culinary skills directly to the classroom, engaging students with hands-on cooking experiences and nutrition knowledge. 

In our after-school program, we provide access to food via grocery drop-offs and weekly cooking classes led by professional chefs.


SNACC works with students to create healthy and eclectic dishes,  using food as a vehicle to improve food security and youth outcomes.

While promoting confidence, education and self-sufficiency among high-need youth, our students develop both hard and soft skills, becoming empowered to contribute to their households and communities.




SNACC was launched in January 2020 as an in-person program at a Title 1 school in Manhattan. SNACC was initially founded as a program within Faces in Between Inc. and due to the community needs and profound impact of SNACC, Faces in Between was later renamed as SNACC to focus solely on this mission. SNACC was born out of a desire to address the growing problems of food insecurity paired with educational gaps, and the impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SNACC transformed its in-person program into a hybrid model that combines virtual cooking classes with in-person educational field trips, providing students with a comprehensive food education. We understand that access to cooking tools and ingredients can be a barrier to healthy eating which could debilitate a child’s health and overall well-being, so we provide kitchen essentials (pots, pans, oven trays, cutting boards, measuring cups, etc.) and weekly grocery drop-offs to each student. Our virtual cooking classes, led by professional chefs, teach students how to create delicious & nutritious meals for their families to enjoy, using food as a way to improve food security and household outcomes. SNACC is offered at zero cost to participants and is designed to positively impact the whole family.


We are currently serving approximately 200 individuals, working with students and their families from 20 schools living in 15 different zip codes across the Bronx and East Harlem on a weekly basis through our grocery deliveries and SNACC cooking sessions. We have developed incredible partnerships with local companies and organizations that share similar ethos to SNACC and help us advance our mission. Now that it is safe to do so, we are enjoying going on fieldtrips with our students to gain in-person learning opportunities as a cohort. In addition to our weekly sessions we have launched SNACC's Economic & Educational Development Series (SEEDS), which instills critical life skills including financial literacy, food literacy, responsibility, independence, and nutrition education, by allowing our returning students to shop for and purchase their own groceries for the upcoming weekly virtual cooking session using a prepaid SNACC debit card. SNACC is more than just a cooking program, it's a holistic approach that addresses the needs of the whole community, by providing access to nutritious food, education, and opportunities for growth, all while fostering strong family connections through shared meals. Our program equips students with the necessary skills to succeed in every aspect of their life.


As the demand for services like ours continues to rise, SNACC is dedicated to evolving and growing our program to meet the needs of our local communities. Expanding SNACC through launching additional cohorts, developing community-wide programming, and expanding our SEEDS curriculum would allow an increased number of NYC youth and families to benefit from our program and help cultivate the next generation of involved, thriving members of the broader NYC community. We are looking to scale our impact and reach many more students growing up in limited-resource communities. Your continued support allows us to ensure that our students have access to SNACC resources, support systems, and programming. We look forward to building on our existing program and expanding our reach to serve even more students and families in the coming year.

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