Sustainable Nutrition And Community Connection


SNACC is a hands-on food education program focusing on cooking skills, wellness, and community connections.

 SNACC exposes students to culinary arts, international cuisines, and nutrition knowledge through an experiential approach to food education and wellness.

SNACC serves middle and high school students living in the South Bronx. Our students live in district 15, one of the most underserved congressional districts in the U.S.

Modern Kitchen

SNACC's Virtual Kitchen

As a result of COVID-19,  we made significant changes to our program model. In Fall 2019 we relaunched our weekly cooking programming via Zoom.  Our virtual initiative provides each student with their own kitchen supply starter kit as well as weekly ingredients sent directly to their homes to use at each session. At each session, students prepare at least four portions of nourishing meals to enjoy with their families.

Our Impact

Based on an evaluation of the program from last school year:

  • 82% of our students reported that they now help out more often in the kitchen

  • 82% of our students reported that they learned how to eat healthier through the SNACC program

  • 90% of SNACC parents reported that their child is more confident and capable in the kitchen

  • 90% of families reported that the SNACC food has helped reduce stress around putting food on the table

  • 100% of our students reported that the food they prepare is used and eaten by themselves and their families throughout the week.


Your support helps ensure that our students have access to weekly grocery deliveries and programming. 
Words from the Community

"I really appreciate all the donations you all do for families like us that, maybe don't have enough money to make better choices of food to buy and eat, and don't know how to prepare the food. Thank you for providing us with the groceries and the chefs that teach our children how to learn to cook. I appreciate that you always incorporate vegetables and salads into each dish. The SNACC program has helped my daughter gain more social skills and a lot of confidence in herself. Thank you very much for your support."


 SNACC Parent, Class of 2022