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A Farewell Note From Our AMAZING Interns: Esther & Rina!

Hi everyone!

As our summer internship comes to an end, we thought we’d share a bit more about our experience as summer interns at SNACC/ Faces In Between.

We’ve learned so much in the short time we spent with Danielle and felt we were able to grow professionally and creatively. We always had interesting projects to complete and all of our work was meaningful. We knew we were making a large impact on the organization!

We are so grateful for the opportunity we had to learn from Danielle and the SNACC Team; they’re all such incredible role models and taught us a lot about college, gave us valuable career advice, encouraged us, and taught us how to network effectively! Our professional development skills improved because we wrote daily emails, networked with people within and outside of SNACC, attended multiple weekly workshops, received critical feedback from Danielle and each other, and learned how to best implement it.

We were able to develop our designing and fundraising skills by taking the initiative to create and launch a fundraising campaign that required us to learn more about donors, networking, marketing, designing, and using excel! If you guys have not had the chance yet, check out the virtual SNACC store to see how our fundraising vision came to life! (Store link will be active until 8/11/2020)

Do you guys love the weekly Summer Snack DIY recipes we post?! Great, because both of us developed all the designs together! We are thrilled that we got to turn that idea into a reality this summer! We designed the Instagram posts, wrote the fun captions, and created the blog posts! We’ve been exposed to so many areas in the professional field and feel like we have a solid understanding of the workplace and what our professional interests are.

Thank you again to the SNACC Team for such a wonderful summer!! It was such a pleasure to get to meet some of the SNACC community and we can’t wait to see all the great things SNACC does to further help NYC! We had such a meaningful experience and hope to continue getting involved with SNACC/ Faces In Between in the future!

Thank you all for such a great summer,

Rina and Esther

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