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Summer Snack Idea: Watermelon Popsicles

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Hi SNACC Community! We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Last week we posted a fun snack recipe on our Instagram page and hope to continue providing you with easy snack ideas throughout the Summer.

Watermelons are an iconic summer fruit! Who doesn't love a nice refreshing slice of cold watermelon on a hot summer day? We hope some of you have tried the sweet and delicious watermelon popsicles we posted on our Instagram page.

If you haven't, this snack is super easy to make and requires only two things: sliced watermelon and popsicle sticks!

  • Cut a slit in the rind of the watermelon slice

  • Insert the popsicle stick into the watermelon, place the watermelon popsicles on a cookie sheet

  • Freeze the watermelon for 6+ hours!

It's that simple!

Looking for another watermelon recipe that is perfect for this summer’s hot temperatures? Try out this simple two-step watermelon sherbert!

  • Cut up 3 cups of watermelon into cubes and freeze the watermelon cubes for about 30 minutes

  • Place them in a food processor until granular

  • Add about ½ cups of greek yogurt to the processor, mix again until creamy and soft, then freeze for another 30 minutes or until you are ready to eat it!

Watermelons have many interesting facts about them.

Did You Know...?

  • Watermelons are considered both fruits and vegetables! They are classified as part of the gourd family (this also includes cucumber, squash, and pumpkins).

  • They’re 92% water, which makes them perfect for a hot summer day!

  • Watermelons are the official state vegetable in Oklahoma!

Happy SNACCing!!

- Esther and Rina

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