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Recap of SNACC Session 1

For session one, the students arrived excited to start the SNACC program and find out what they would learn how to cook! The students listened diligently to our SNACC staff’s instructions as they learned how to make delicious and healthy pita pockets!

Before getting started, students were given hats to design along with aprons to keep their clothes clean. The students enjoyed their food in the classroom and were eager to share their work with loved ones by taking a second serving of the Pita Pockets with them at the end of the session. Many of the students said they had not made a sandwich before so this was a great opportunity for the students to learn a new and simple skill!

The students worked well together and getting to know each student was so much fun for the SNACC staff! The students smiles and excitement truly lit up the classroom! We are so excited to see what unfolds in session two!

We had 15 students in attendance this week.

SNACC staff in attendance: Dara, Danielle and Gina

Pita Pocket ingredients: Pita bread, Tomato, Cucumber, Mayo, Turkey, and Cheese. Served with a pickle on the side.

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