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COVID-19 Food Support Initiative

SNACC mission is to address the effects of food insecurity through nutritional programming and community connections. During our time at PS20,  we had the opportunity to teach the students how to make healthy, affordable and replicable meals that were both eaten together at school and packaged up to be shared at home. Our program’s environment provides a safe space for young children to explore creativity, culinary passions, and future career paths.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the global community and our beloved New York City residents, we are no longer able to provide support through SNACC within the school environment.  However, our mission still stands strong.

Working with the staff at PS20, we found and partnered with the perfect vendor- Green Top Farms. Together, we are providing pre-made meals and other non-perishable food items to in-need students and their families from the PS20 community. At first, we were going to provide food for a week or two using the funds we had allocated for groceries for the remaining sessions. However, it was quickly evident that the larger community wanted to get involved which has allowed us to make a bigger commitment to the PS20 families. We are so grateful for the help and support of the many individuals who contributed to making this possible.

This past Friday, the first 800 meals were sent out and successfully delivered to 112 individuals (24 families)! Within the packages, our students received an interactive worksheet, where they could indicate to us what types of foods they like/dislike. We want to make sure that the students have a well-balanced and enjoyable meal that will keep them full and satisfied throughout the day. These weekly packages are essential to feeding, supporting and educating our community in need.

We are so proud to continue supporting our PS20 community during these challenging times.

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