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Cooking with Chef Laura Licona (Session #2)

SNACC Session #2 was a true treat! We hosted an awesome guest chef named Chef Laura Licona. Chef Laura is not only an executive chef with extensive experience in the restaurant space, but she is also a food anthropologist. This gave the students an opportunity to learn more about the various roles that culture plays in the food that we eat. Chef Laura taught us how to utilize all of our senses while we cook which was a valuable exercise for all!

We did experience some technical and electrical difficulties during the session but Chef Laura was incredibly creative in her approach to cooking. With her help, we were able to overcome the obstacles thrown our way and the food came out tasting delicious! We learned how to cook Deluxe Fajitas with Salsa Fresca which was a crowd-pleaser.

We are so grateful that Chef Laura graciously shared her skills and passion with us. Her approach to food and her positive outlook on life was truly inspiring to the whole SNACC community.

The students are already so excited for session #3!

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