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Cooking with Chef Jacob Siwak (Session #3)

We had so much fun making homemade meat sauce and spaghetti with Chef Jacob Siwak at SNACC session #3!

The students arrived eager for this week’s recipe and excited to meet our guest chef! This week we began by preparing the ingredients for the sauce and combining them all while the sauce simmered in the pot for 30 minutes. The sauce contained ground beef, pureed tomatoes, onion, spinach salt, pepper, and butter.

Once the sauce was cooking, the students broke into three groups and headed to their stations! Each station focused on different kitchen skills and social-emotional skills.

At the first station, Chef Jacob taught the students how to make pasta from scratch and how to roll the pasta dough into different shapes. At the second station, the students cooked boxed pasta and learned how to grate parmesan cheese with our two awesome volunteers, Chef April Kindt and Marc Daigle. The third station focused on keeping a clean cooking space and involved the students contributing to the cleanup process.

After rotating through all of the stations, the students worked up quite an appetite and were excited to eat the food that they cooked! It came out tasting delicious! The students had the opportunity to eat a portion in class as well as to take two portions to-go with them.

We are already counting down the days until SNACC session #4!

See below for a slideshow from the session:

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