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Chef Camari Mick

Uncovering the Food Heroes Making a Difference Through Cooking - SNACC's Food Hero Series


In 2022, Chef Camari Mick received a James Beard Award nomination for Outstanding Pastry Chef, the same year that the restaurant landed a glowing New York Times review from Pete Wells. Just months later, The Musket Room was also named as one of The New York Times’ best restaurants in America. A community-minded leader, Mick regularly organizes groups of young chefs for collaborative projects. For Black History Month in 2022, she sold provision boxes featuring goods from top black chefs in NYC, garnering substantial media coverage for all involved and selling out numerous weekends. As her pastry team grows, she leads with the compassion, patience, and openness she felt was missing in her previous fine dining experience. She aims to cultivate a learning environment and serve as an example for other black chefs who want to succeed in the industry. Chef Camari Mick also contributes to the local NYC community as a valued member of the SNACC Advisory board.





What inspired you to pursue a career in cooking, and how has your passion for food evolved over time?

My dad is Jamaican, and my mom is from Brooklyn, and while they’re both great cooks, their talents did not include baking. Since I always wanted something sweet after dinner growing up, I begged her mom to start baking with me and became hooked. Later on, I studied Pastry Arts at college in Philadelphia and have continued to develop my passion into a thriving career.




What motivates and/or excites you in the kitchen?

The experimenting, being able to have an idea and start to work through something that has never been done before, is truly why I do this. I’m essentially a scientist at my core.





What is your proudest culinary accomplishment?

My proudest culinary moment is when the Michelin Guide called me a Pastry Queen and then recently a "dessert doyenne".





What inspired you to become involved with SNACC and its mission?

Part of my goals in and outside of the kitchen is to always be able to give back, whether it's by donating food or my time to teach someone, I strive to lay down a foundation so that those who want to follow in my footsteps can have a head start.





If you want to learn more about this month's Food Hero, follow Chef Camari Mick on Instagram!

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