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Chef Jorian Blair

Uncovering the Heroes Making a Difference Through Food - SNACC's Food Hero Series
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What is your role and involvement with SNACC?

I am the Resident SNACC Chef and a SNACC Food Educator. Each week, I lead interactive cooking sessions for our students, ensuring they receive both hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of the recipes and food concepts that we tackle. We introduce them to a range of cuisines, techniques, and cultural histories behind the dishes. My role goes beyond just teaching cooking techniques; I strive to instill a sense of confidence, creativity, and curiosity in our young chefs.

What inspired you to pursue a career in cooking, and how has your passion for food evolved over time?​

From a very young age I have always loved spending my time in the kitchen watching my mother cook. At first, cooking became a hobby; a fun way to spend time with family and friends; especially around the holidays. Over time my love for cooking turned into a passion.  I then enrolled into a culinary arts program, where I began my internship at Del Posto, a four-star Italian restaurant. Once I completed my program and became a certified Chef; I was then hired by Del Posto. At Del Posto, I worked side by side with Executive Chef Mark Ladner under the watchful eye of Mario Batali. 


What inspired you to venture beyond and diversify your culinary skills, and how has your background influenced the dishes you create?

After becoming an expert in Italian Cuisine; I wanted to explore and learn all there is to know about the culinary world, techniques, and cultures. On my journey, I gained knowledge and experience in Mediterranean/Lebanese, Indian, Spanish, and American cuisine. Along with my Caribbean background and upbringing; I pride myself on infusing my culture and knowledge of various cuisines into all my dishes. 


Outside of SNACC, what do you currently do?

 I launched my own catering company called J.Blair Catering. J.Blair Catering has catered for New York Fashion Week, Industry events, as well as private events and weekly catering for private clients.  


If you want to learn more about this month's Food Hero, follow Chef Blair on Instagram!

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