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Faces in Between

Faces in Between is a community outreach nonprofit organization based out of NYC. We are dedicated to developing programs in an effort to increase the well-being and health of our society. 


Our History

Faces in Between was initially founded to work with and serve the NYC homeless population. In our early years, we provided thousands of care packages with essential items to individuals experiencing homelessness across all of New York City, we developed speaker series events inviting currently homeless individuals to share their stories to educate others and address stigmas of homelessness, and we hosted awareness campaigns to shed light on the challenges of experiencing menstruation while experiencing homelessness. ​

Through speaking with the individuals whom we served, public health experts, and individuals in low-income communities throughout NYC, we determined that it was essential to get at the root causes leading to long-term poor health outcomes.


Therefore, in our commitment to increasing the well-being of society, it was essential to focus on providing youth with an innovative program that promotes positive youth development and ultimately has a lasting impact on families and communities at large.  

These conversations with stakeholders led us to develop the SNACC program, which works to increase the health and quality of life  of families by working with youth to teach lifelong skills, expose youth to healthy habits and bring families together over nourishing and nutrient-rich meals.


SNACC is a completely unique program, founded on extensive research both academically and in the field. Every aspect of the program is intentionally designed to support our youth while promoting positive youth development in underserved communities. 

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