Whats happening at SNACC HQ this week?!

Its Tuesday 10/22 and the SNACC team is hard at work! Read what we've been up to and what progress we have made this week!

Friday: the team met up for 4.5 hours to refine the SNACC pitch deck in preparation for our final pitch meeting with the after-school director at a public school on the Lower East Side at a Title 1 School. We continued to build out the scope and sequence of our SNACC pilot sessions and made a fundraising plan! The afternoon work session was filled with excitement, eagerness and endless passion!

Monday: we made edits to our website, worked on a grant application and reached out to people who may be able to help us plan our fundraising campaigns and events to get the ball rolling.

Tuesday: We started looking at the calendar and honing in what exactly our fundraising efforts would look like in each venue. We emailed 3 potential guest chef volunteers and reached out to a videographer to discuss making a promo video!

Wednesday: the team will be holding an early morning virtual meeting to do last minute prep work before the big day that we've been looking forward to for over a month!!

Thursday: PITCH DAY!!!! Stay tuned to learn about how the meeting goes and HOPEFULLY we will be able to release a lot more details about the pilot school location in the coming days!

Friday: WORK, WORK, WORK based on everything discussed in Fridays meeting!

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