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Where It All Started...

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I have always dreamed of developing a program serving youth and adolescents that addresses issues associated with poverty and issues that perpetuate cycles of poverty. After working hard and spending countless hours educating myself and developing relationships with individuals experiencing extreme levels of poverty such as homelessness, I felt excited about exploring news ways to support the community. While I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to launch another big initiative yet given I was just learning the in's and out's of Social Entrepreneurship, I wasn't going to let my fears of "not being ready" get in the way.

In February 2019, I received a text from Gina who recalled that I had been deeply interested in developing a program for youth growing up in low-income communities. Given this knowledge that she had about me, Gina asked me if I would want to develop nutrition workshops for kids or some type of initiative that focuses on women's health.

While I wasn't necessarily "ready" to take this leap, I've learned that being ready is only a mindset. At that point, I decided that I would do whatever it took to get myself "ready" to develop a program for youth that addressed consequences of poverty with a focus on food education and healthy living. At this point, Gina and I began to do early brainstorming, we invited other people into the discussions, and spoke with other professionals in the field. Through all of these conversations and various collaborative brainstorming sessions with countless individuals, SNACC was eventually born and launched January 2020!

As the Executive Director of SNACC and the President of Faces in Between, I think that the evolution of this is truly remarkable and the fact that it was developed into SNACC as we know it, is owed to so many different individuals who contributed their ideas, thoughts, feedback and willingness to listen.

I am so proud of the program that SNACC has become and will continue to grow into as we evolve.

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