• Danielle Levin

Moment that SNACC was Born...

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

In the morning of February 13th, 2019 Gina Benson texted me the following message:

"Hi, Danielle! It's Gina! I know you're a busy-bee but I'd love to share with you my call from last night with a friend of mine from Oakland. He has a non-profit called Oakland Bloom and the organization helps immigrants to settle in and network to learn the trade of nutrition and culinary. Funds are given to the individuals to start their own restaurant. There's also trauma care for them as their experiences to get here are heartbreaking. Second chances are so meaningful to everyone! A common thread FIB and many other NGOs have! Though, I would love to create my own program to bring nutrition/culinary workshops into title 1 districts as well as poverty-stricken areas along with food donations, there are already so many programs in place that share commonalities with my own. I know you said that eventually you want to expand into youth & homelessness and being that I used to be a teacher, I would love to help! There are programs that collaborate with non-profits and I thought what better way than to merge the two! With everything on your plate, I'd be happy to be the bridge to close the gap and tie loose ends for a youth & homelessness program or even for women's health. Do not, by any means, feel obligated or bombarded. If you like this idea, let's chat! If it's way too much to digest right now, don't even worry about it! It'll always be there and so will I! 💕🦋 You have done such incredible things for the NYC community (& more! I mean even reaching out and trying to help that man in TX!) and I cannot wait to see how much more you accomplish whilst saving lives and making the world a better place! All it takes is one ounce of change and you've already moved mountains! So happy that kyle is taking part! 💕🌈😍"

My response was:

Hi Gina!!! Thanks for texting! Was hoping you would reach out about this!! This all sounds awesome and I would love to do some brainstorming and learn more about this & your ideas! Let’s meet up next Thursday or Friday for coffee or lunch if you have any time in your day and talk more about this! Let me know your availability!!! ♥️♥️"

And then SNACC was born....

Stay tuned for another post that will get into the details of how a simple text conversation turned into a team of leaders working together to make SNACC a reality


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