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SNACC Session #4

This week, during SNACC Session #4, we had the opportunity to learn about the foods that we eat and discuss which of the five food groups they fall into. We did this using the MyPlate nutrition guidelines provided by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

After learning more about the foods that go onto our plates, we had the opportunity to begin making meals with these foods! During the session, we made a trail mix snack, salads, and fruit smoothies. The students were so excited about each of these recipes. One thing that especially excited them was that they had the opportunity to choose different ingredients that they liked as well as ingredients they were interested in trying for the first time! We packaged up the salads and three bags of trail mix for the students to take to-go and enjoyed the smoothies together in class.

While we drank the smoothies, the students filled out a quick SNACC evaluation sheet! Most of the students said that their favorite meal so far was last sessions recipe, spaghetti with meat sauce! They also told us about their favorite parts of SNACC, what they do with the additional portions of food and what they want to learn during future sessions.

Here are what a few students said their favorite thing about SNACC is:

  • "My favorite thing about SNACC is that we learn about being healthy, we learn about food and we get to cook."

  • "My favorite thing about SNACC is how the things we make taste so good and are healthy"

  • "My favorite thing about SNACC is meeting the chefs"

  • "My favorite thing about SNACC is when we put something in the pan and I get to hear it sizzle"

It was another awesome afternoon for all and we can't wait for the next session!

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