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SNACC (Sustainable Nutrition And Community Connection) is a hands-on food education program focusing on cooking skills, wellness, and community connections. SNACC promotes positive youth development by equipping students with the skills to make healthful choices, form relationships with mentors, increase self-efficacy, and safe outlets to explore creative interests.

SNACC in Action

SNACC launched at a Title 1 School on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in January 2020.  Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued our work with families and students living in NYC through our meal distribution program and virtual enrichment curriculum.

In our commitment to address food insecurity, we partnered with a local farm to deliver over 16,000 healthy meals directly to our community members’ doorsteps. Our online curriculum includes a virtual kitchen where chefs demo their favorite easy, low-cost recipes for our SNACC community.  In our summer enrichment program, students explore STEM principles that apply to nutrition and cooking through food experiments, virtual field trips, and educational games.  

In consideration of the communities hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have dedicated our focus to serving students in the South Bronx. Our students live in District 15, one of the most underserved and hardest-hit congressional districts in the United States. Our virtual initiative requires each student to have their own kitchen supply starter kit as well as weekly ingredients sent directly to their homes. At each session, students will prepare four portions of food to enjoy with their families.

As we navigate the new educational environment in NYC for our students, we will continue to develop innovative programming to best serve the community's needs. This work is only possible through the support and partnership of our generous donors. We thank you with all of our hearts. 

SNACC by Faces In Between

SNACC is an extension of Faces in Between, which is a 501(c)(3) community-driven, community outreach organization based out of New York City.  The long-term goal of Faces in Between is to provide tangible programs and services to address poverty with a focus on youth and families.

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